Faculty of Humanities

Master's degree

You can find the dates for registering and submitting the master thesis, and the form below; there is one deadline per semester.

You can apply online.

The deadlines for registration for a master thesis and the registration form can be found below ("Registration and submission dates"); there is a registration deadline for each semester.

You must submit one hardback copy of the thesis to the Dean's office and one to the assessor. You must also submit a declaration regarding the master thesis to the Dean's office.

You can submit master theses to the Dean's office any time or place them in the mailbox to the right of the entrance.

The faculty decides upon the master theses in the first faculty meetings of the spring and fall semesters in the middle of February and September. After this meeting, you can approach your supervisor and ask whether you passed.

The registration is binding and cannot be withdrawn. You can, however, postpone the submission deadline. The form for prolongation the delivery of the master thesis for the first semester-long extension can be found below.

Attention please: Emeriti may supervise master theses only up to 12 months after they left the Faculty.

If you need a second semester-long extension, the Collegium Decanale will need to approve this. Write a short letter (signed by the supervisor of your thesis), submit it to the Dean's Office (for the attention of Collegium Decanale), explain the reasons for the further delay and enclose any employment or medical certificates as applicable.

Extending for 1 month  (to be applied for at the latest 1 week before the official deadline)

An extension for 1 month is possible. Please fill out the form below and let it sign by the supervisor of your thesis. In this case, a graduation in the current session is still possible (see below "dates").

RSL 2021, Art. 56

1. Eine Masterarbeit ist innerhalb der vorgesehenen Frist beim Dekanat einzureichen.

2. Kann die Masterarbeit aus wichtigen Gründen (Art. 35 UniV - siehe weiter unten) nicht fristgerecht fertiggestellt werden, so kann die Dauer von der Betreuerin oder dem Betreuer einmalig um ein Semester verlängert werden.

3. Weitere Fristverlängerungen um jeweils ein Semester können vom Collegium Decanale bewilligt werden. Dazu bedarf es eines schriftlich begründeten Gesuchs, das von der Betreuerin oder dem Betreuer unterstützt wird. Ablehnende Entscheidungen ergehen in Form einer anfechtbaren Verfügung des Collegium Decanale.

4. Hält eine Kandidatin oder ein Kandidat die für die Abgabe der Masterarbeit gesetzte Frist nicht ein, wird die Arbeit mit der Note 1 bewertet.

UniV (Verordnung über die Universität), Art. 35

1 Aus wichtigen Gründen ist die Studienzeit angemessen zu verlängern.

Als wichtige Gründe gelten namentlich:

  • Krankheit
  • Schwangerschaft / Kinderbetreuung
  • studienbezogene Praktika ausserhalb der Studienpläne
  • auswärtige Studienaufenthalte
  • Sprachkurse für Fremdsprachige
  • Militärdienst / Zivildienst
  • ehrenamtliches Engagement innerhalb der Universität
  • Erwerbstätigkeit

You can apply online.

All forms are available in front of the Dean's office or on this website.

In order to be complete, a request must include the following:

  • The application form (important: current address, title of master thesis)
  • Confirmation (major/minor) from your institute, that all credits other than the master thesis are achieved according to the plans of studies and RSL05.

Important: The institutes must set the degree programs to "Subject requirement satisfied" (german: "Fachanforderung erfüllt") in the study profile sheet (green bar, not just a green "E" = "fulfilled")!

A minor taken outside of the faculty does not require a written certificate.

  • Evidence of the fee for the degree/attainment checks (CHF 300.00), e.g. a printout of the payment transfer via e-banking or receipt if paid at a post office

You can place the request in the Dean's office mailbox outside of opening hours (to the right of the entrance).

You can also send the request by email in exceptional circumstances (if resident abroad or travelling).

Minor taken outside of the faculty (minor at the Faculty of Humanities, major at another faculty)

The institute sets the minor to "Subject requirement satisfied" in the study profile sheet (green bar, not just a green "E"). You then apply for the master's degree to the Dean's Office for your major subject.

Minor taken outside of the faculty (minor at another faculty, major at the Faculty of Humanities)

The Dean's office at the faculty at which you are studying the minor sets the minor to "Passed" in the study profile sheet (green bar, not just a green "E"). You then apply to us for the master's degree. There is no need for a written confirmation or certification.

Minor taken outside of the university (minor at the Faculty of Humanities, major at another university)

The institute sets the minor to "Subject requirement satisfied" in the study profile sheet (green bar, not just a green "E"). You then apply for a summary of attainments via e-mail

or confirmation regarding a minor, which we will send you by post.

Minor taken outside of the university (minor at another university, major at the Faculty of Humanities)

Please enclose a confirmation of your degree course from the university at which you completed the minor (with the overall rating, number of ECTS, dated, stamped, signed) with the request for the master's degree to be issued.

You can pay the degree fee of CHF 300.00 using a payment slip (available outside the Dean's Office) or via an e-banking transfer to the Dean's Office's account:

Berner Kantonalbank
3001 Bern
Giro account: 30-106-9
Account no. 42
Clearing no.: 790
IBAN: CH68 0079 0042 3117 1242 2

Faculty of Humanities
Dean's Office
Länggassstrasse 49
3012 Bern

Authorization for examination purposes is governed in Art. 65 of the regulations on studies and examinations, Art. 8.1 of the regulations on doctorates, and Art. 24 of the RSL 21. The following are allowed to assess degree-level work and conduct degree-level examinations in connection with a master's:

  • ordinary, extraordinary, and associated professors
  • Assistant professors and SNF professors
  • Habilitated Faculty members
  • "Advanced Postdocs“ and "Senior Research Assistants“

If other persons are to conduct examinations, the supervisor will need to send for each examination a request to the Dean's Office for the attention of the Collegium Decanale in order for authorization to be granted for examination purposes.

Are there any requirements regarding the layout of the MA thesis?

There are no special requirements by the Dean's office. Please ask your supervisor or the institute if they have some.

The cover sheet must contain:
Institute, supervisor, thesis title, your name, enrollment number, Major subject, your residential address, phone number, email address, date you submitted the thesis.
You must submit one hardback volume to the Dean's office and another one to your supervisor. At the Dean's office, you must also submit the form Declaration of the MA thesis (you can also embed it as last page of your thesis).

Can I exmatriculate myself when I submittet the MA thesis?

Yes, if you have met all other requirements (e.g. submittes course theses, taken written exams).

All credits (not the MA thesis) must only be already added to your KSL profile when you apply for the diploma (see below, "dates").


Do I have to wait to apply for the diploma until the MA thesis was added to my KSL profile?

No, the Dean's office will add the MA thesis to the KSL after the Faculty has accepted your thesis (see below, "dates").


Do I have to be enrolled to get the diploma or attend to the promotion celebration?



Can I get a confirmation that I have an MA degree even before the promotion celebration?

Yes. As soon as you have submitted a complete application for issuing the diploma (see below, "dates"), Mr. Urs Zürcher can issue an official confirmation including all your credits. Before, we can only confirm that we expect the degree to be finished, without records.