Faculty of Humanities

Extracurricular minor

An extracurricular minor is a minor completed in addition to a your regular studies. Every student can study an extracurricular minor.

An extracurricular minor must be consistent with the minor plan of studies for the respective subject.

An additional minor must not have a negative impact on a person's regular studies and does not count as a reason for an extension of the study duration (Art. 13 RSL 21).

An extracurricular minor does not appear on the diploma, but it will show on the diploma supplement.

If you would like to complete an extracurricular master minor without having first completed a corresponding bachelor minor, you will need an assessment for the master minor. In this case, the institute may demand additional courses from the corresponding bachelor's program.

You can apply for the extracurricular Minor during the online enrollment at the student selfservice. The Minor will appear at KSL as a field of study.