Faculty of Humanities

Minor at another university

If you want to do a Minor at another Swiss university, you must apply for this at the Collegium Decanale. Please write us an e-mail with the following information:

  • residential address and contact data
  • enrollment number
  • course of studies so far (date from-to, University XY, Major X, Minor Y)
  • targeted combination of the study fields (please add a link to the targeted external Minor program)
  • reason why it has to be a Minor from another university

This process can take two up to six weeks. After the Collegium Decanale has discussed your application, you get an official letter via snail mail to present at the chosen University.

A Minor at another university is only possible if Bern University does not offer this field of studies. The targeted university must offer the Minor you chose with the same amount of ECTS as Bern does (normally BA 60 ECTS, MA 30 ECTS). The completion of the Minor always follows the rules of the university that offers the Minor.

Bern University central administration offers additional information.