Faculty of Humanities

Changing your field of study

If you change your field of study during your BA studies, there is no need for an assessment. You can mark the change at your semester control sheet. If you have already submitted it, please inform the Admission Office. As soon as your field of study appears at KSL, you can move your courses after you have discussed this with the study supervisor of your new subject.

There has to be an assessment if you switch from a BA program to a non-consecutive Master program.

For further information, please consider this website.


You have completed a

  • Bachelor Major in History
  • Bachelor Minor English

and want continue studying:

  • Master Major History
  • Master Minor French

The Master Minor French is a non-consecutive subject. We need an assessment.

and want to continue studying:

  • Master Major English
  • Master Minor History

We need an assessment for the Master Major English.