Faculty of Humanities

Equal opportunities

The Faculty of Humanities treats all people the same. We respect sorrows and wishes and try to solve them all. The equal opportunities committee grants financial support, campaigns for work/life balance, and fights discrimination. We support measures and projects that deal with diversity, accessibility, race, and ethnicity.

The faculty of humanities has the highest percentage of all faculties regarding female professors (46%), teachers (53%), and assistants (61%).

While these figures are comparatively good, they do not represent an end goal for the Faculty of Humanities which continues to work towards even greater equality at all ranks and especially with regards the retention and career progression of women.

Standing committee for equal opportunities

  • Erez Levon
  • Regula Schmid Keeling
  • Serena Tolino
  • Juri Auderset (Del. lect.)
  • Yvonne Schüpbach (Del. ass.)
  • Tanisha Pandey (Del. Stud.)