Faculty of Humanities

Mid-level faculty

Our mid-level agents represent the scientific and professional interests of assistants with and without PhD, PhD-students, non-professoral teaching staff, and assistant lecturers in faculty committees. We want to participate in making our faculty an attractive and innovative space to work and research in.

Mid-level staff at the faculty meetings and the Collegium Decanale

The faculty regulations settle how the mid-level staff is represented. Members of the faculty meetings are all professors, four deputies of the lecturers:

  • PD Dr. Stefan Abel
  • Dr. Francesca Falk
  • Dr. Hannah Hedegard
  • Dr. Zoë Lehmann

and four deputies of the assistants:

  • Dr. Elias Moncef Bounatirou
  • Andrin Büchler, M.A.
  • Dr. Aleksandra Mistireki
  • Dr. Yvonne Schweizer

Members of the Collegium Decanale are:

  • Dr. Hannah Hedegard, deputy of the lecturers
  • Andrin Büchler, M.A:, deputy of the assistants




Mid-level faculty at standing committees

Field research funds: Daniel Marc Segesser (lecturers), Marco Hostettler (assistants)

FuN committee: Annick Payne (lecturers), Jonathan Sarfin (assistants)

Equal opportunities: Ariane Ballmer (lecturers), Yvonne Schüpbach (assistants)

Structural planning: Marcella Boglione (lecturers), Isabelle Haffter (assistants)

Walter Benjamin Kolleg, superintendence: Carmen Scheide (lecturers), Toni Hildebrandt (assistants)