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Ringvorlesung Critical Disability Studies

The Equalities Committee of the Faculty of Humanities is committed to fostering the academic study of social inequalities and injustices. To this end, we are delighted to announce a special lecture series in the Autumn Semester 2023 providing an Introduction to Critical Disability Studies. The series offers an introduction to the critical study of disability across a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including philosophy, anthropology, education, history, and sociology, among others.

BA and MA students from across the Faculty can register to attend all lectures in the series and receive 3 ECTS (KSL course number: 485044. Lectures are also open to all members of the University of Bern community. Lectures takes place on Wednesday from 16:15-17:45 in Lerchenweg 36 (Unitobler), room F007. Lectures will be offered in German or English. The full schedule of invited speakers is provided below.

The room where all lectures take place is located on the ground floor of Lerchenweg 36 and is wheelchair accessible. For further information or to discuss other accessibility requirements, please contact Lectures can also be live-streamed via Zoom:

Datum Titel
20. September 2023
Equality, respect, and disability.
Prof. Dr. John Vorhaus, Institute of Education, University College London
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4. Oktober 2023
Anthropological approaches to disability
Prof. Dr. James Staples, Brunei University London
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11. Oktober 2023
Access to [insert your field] informed by Universal Design. Research / Access / Inclusion from a dance artists perspective
Jürg Koch, freier Tanzschaffender
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1. November 2023
The significance of disability for human development
Prof. Dr. Dora Lisa Pfahl, Universität Innsbruck
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8. November 2023
Materializing Cyborg Bodies
Prof. Dr. Katta Spiel, Technische Universität WIen
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22. November 2023
Lived Experience of disability from the Global South
Dr. Minerva Rivas Velarde, Université de Genève
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29. November 2023
Misfitting: Functional Diversity in Art History
Dr. Charlotte Matter, Virginia Marano, Laura Valterio, Universität Zürich
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6. Dezember 2023
Wer spricht? Ansätze einer partizipativen Forschung in der Gehörlosengeschichte
Vera Blaser, MA & PD Dr. Sonja Matter, Universität Bern
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13. Dezember 2023
Critical Disability Studies and the Global South: Contesting dominant discourses and practices
Shaun Grech, The Critical Institute
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