Research office pool

The Bern university provides an research office pool for researchers who are hired via third party funds. To get an office, the project must be approved, there must be a valid working contract and there must be no free space at the institute.

The pool offices are at Muesmattstrasse 45, Länggassstrasse 49, Lerchenweg 36, and Mittelstrasse 43. The offices are provided according to the university guidelines for area management.

Please fill in the online application below; it is required that you upload the third party funds confirmation and the working contracts as one (1) document.

We cannot make any reservations unless all required documents are provided.

The rooms are equipped with desks, chairs, and shelves. Internet and telephone must be provided by the institute's IT.

You can apply online.

There are 83 offices with 254 work stations at the Unitobler. In the autumn semester 2022, 197 third-party funded researchers are working at the pool.