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The Faculty of Humanities is a lively and innovative environment for studies in the humanities and cultural studies. Among its range of subjects are classics like History, Languages, and Literatures. We also offer cultural sciences like Art History, Musicology, and are proud to be the only Swiss university to teach Theater and Dance studies. Other key subjects are Philosophy, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, Archaeology, and Social Anthropology.

The Walter Benjamin Kolleg is home to interdisciplinary research, young academics support, and our graduate school. PhD-students can join our offers in Global Studies, Language and Society and Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies. The graduate school supports PhD-students with special theory and method courses. The faculty is also home to the pilot scheme Graduate School of the Arts in cooperation with the Bern University of the Arts.

The academic research is carried out by about 50 professors with great reputation and networks. Our students are educated in well-equipped lecture theatres and great libraries. Learn more...


Eduard Adolf Stein prize

Die Phil.-hist. Fakultät schreibt für das Jahr 2020 den mit CHF 5‘000.- dotierten Eduard-Adolf-Stein Preis aus. Der Preis soll eine hervorragende Monographie einer/eines postdoktorierenden Nachwuchswissenschaftler*in auszeichnen (nicht die Dissertation), die aus dem Jahren 2017-2019 stammt. Die Betreuer*innen sind gebeten, ein Empfehlungsschreiben an das Dekanat zu richten. Einsendeschluss ist der 31. Juli 2020.

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