Faculty of Humanities

Financial support

Equal opportunities measures

The faculty supports measures to arrange scientific career and family.

Junior academics can apply for funds to carry out projects that otherwise were not possible due to family commitments. Examples are child care or care for family members who need it by parents, grandparents, your partner or professionals during a conference, a research trip, or during the final phase of your MA-thesis.

The committee

  • supports e.g. travel costs for children and their custodians who travel with you to a conference or place of research, travel costs for custodians to your residential address to look after the children on the ground, or extra costs for day nurseries or other professionals. The committee also supports child care services during conferences in Bern.
  • does not support the travel costs to your regular workplace or the travel costs of your partner at short business trips.
  • does usually grant not more than CHF 2'000.- per application.

Please look for cheap options before applying. Just fill in the online application, we will then get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep all original bills - no bill means no reimbursement!

The committee also supports projects, workshops or similar that deal with equal opportunity topics. If you apply for project funds, please write us an email and hand in the form at the bottom of this page.


Since 2011, the faculty has supported 143 applications with 165'900.- Swiss Francs.