Faculty of Humanities

Financial support

Equal opportunities measures

The Faculty Equality Commission allocates funds for individual measures that help to promote equality of opportunity in university activities (studies, research). This includes measures to mitigate impediments to equal access related to family status (e.g., childcare), accessibility needs, and other potential forms of exclusion or discrimination. The Commission also supports initiatives that seek to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion, and social justice within the university more broadly.

As a general rule, the Commission does not grant more than CHF 2,000 per measure. If you wish to request a higher amount, please contact us in advance. The commission accepts applications on a rolling basis. Fill in the online application, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you apply for project funds, please write us an e-mail and hand in the form at the bottom of this page.


Since 2011, the faculty has supported 163 applications with 179'144.- Swiss Francs. You can apply online.