Evaluations of Courses

The faculty regularly evaluates all courses at least every two years using a standardized questionnaire. Professors/lecturers, in consultation with the Vice Rectorate for Teaching, can design questionnaires tailored to their courses. Professors/lecturers must apply for evaluations in advance so that the questionnaires will arrive in time for each course. The course evaluation will be registered in KSL.

The evaluation of the courses serves lecturers as self-control and offers students the opportunity to receive a feedback. The Vice Rectorate for Teaching evaluates the questionnaires and assigns the evaluation to the professors/lecturers. The professors/lecturers are encouraged to discuss the results with the students each semester.

Each semester the Quality Assurance and Development (hereinafter QAD) Chief Officer of the Faculty and the Dean receives a summary of all faculty results. The Directors and QAD Officers of institutes receive the evaluation for their institute each semester. Lecturers with critical values ​​have to re-evaluate their courses in the following semester. In the case of repeatedly critical values, the Dean (together with QAD Chief Officer) discusses the results with those affected and agrees with measures, for example, a visit to university didactic courses. The results of the evaluations of professors/lecturers are also included in the evaluation of study programs.

The summarized results of past course evaluations can be found below. Further evaluations can be viewed in the Archive of the Evaluation of courses.