Faculty of Humanities

Financial support

Dr. Joséphine de Karman foundation

The Dr. Joséphine de Karman foundation talented students of the Faculty of Humanities who are in need for financial support.

Talented students and young academics who are currently graduating (MA, PhD, habilitation) and do not have the resources to work on their thesis full time, can apply for funds at the foundation committee.

The following documents must be handed in, complete and in written form (not electronically):

  • Application that shows the person's qualification and the duration of the support applied for (course of studies, course achievements, grades etc.)
  • applicant's CV
  • Official statement about income and asset (e. g. township certification, copy of final tax assessment)
  • supervisor's letter of recommendation

Applicants who are currently working on their PhD should also hand in an abstract of their PhD project.

Grants are processed as a single payment and only subsidiary. This means that support for PhD students is normally lower than comparable SNF grants. Grants are awarded for a maximum of one year. There will be only one grant per graduation. The committee's decision is not appealable.

Application deadline: May 1st. and November 1st.

The applications must be addressed to the commitee's president.