Faculty of Humanities

Financial support

Faculty pool

Members of the Faculty can apply for small funds or personal points from the faculty pool. The faculty wants to spend a share of the faculty pool in a flexible and competitive measure for special activities. The applications must meet the following requirements:

  • The department, institute, or center does not have enough funds for the project.
  • There is no other support measure (e. g. Seed Money) to support the project.
  • The projects exceeds the usual teaching and research activities.

The Collegium decanale is happy, if:

  • the department, institute, or center supports the project financially.
  • the project is also supported by third party funds, but there is not enough to carry it out in a proper way.
  • several people from the faculty are involved, especially from different units.
  • the project supports the faculty's glory and team spirit.

Examples are:

  • big international conferences;
  • special projects addressed to the broad public (e. g. panel discussions);
  • development of new study programs.
  • Entwicklungen neuer Studienangebote.

The Collegium decanale does not support:

  • guest lectures at single institutes;
  • business trips;
  • teaching;
  • single person's research activities.

You can hand in hand in informal applications to the faculty planner any time. The applications should give an idea of the project, inform why the unit cannot finance the project, and show how much funds are required (add a budget).

The Collegium decanale will decide on the applications. The Collegium decanale can make exceptions and allot funds if there is an urgent personal or financial shortage. The Collegium will check these applications individually.