Faculty of Humanities

Acceptance of achievements

If you would like external achievements to be accepted by Bern University, you will need to provide an official and certified statement of attainment/transcript of records. The institutes can enter a maximum of 20 ECTS in the study profile sheet.

If you want more than 20 ECTS to be accepted, submit a written request to the Dean's Office enclosing a certified statement of attainment.

If you are studying at the University of Bern and would like to achieve ECTS as part of an exchange studies arrangement (e.g. BeNeFri or ERASMUS), you will need to conclude a Learning Agreement in advance. ECTS achieved as part of a learning agreement are checked and recognized by the institutes which can enter the accepted ECTS into the KSL.

Please contact the directorate of studies for your subject and conclude the learning agreement before obtaining any ECTS elsewhere.


Acceptance without learning agreement

Have you forgotten to conclude a learning agreement? Please contact your institute and find out whether they will recognize the attainments. If there is no learning agreement, the University of Bern can only accepts attainments achieved at other higher education institutions if they are accredited and you provide an official summary of attainments. This summary must be issued by the relevant university/higher education institution and must be stamped and signed by the office responsible there.

Institutes can enter accepted ECTS up to a maximum of 20 in the study profile sheet at your request. If you are not sure whether attainments can be accepted, please contact the Dean's Office.

Directorates of studies can recognize attainments achieved elsewhere at your request when the Collegium Decanale has not yet confirmed these as part of the assessment for studies at the University of Bern.

Directorates of studies can enter recognition worth a maximum of 20 ECTS in the study profile sheet directly at your request. If you are not sure whether attainments can be recognized, please contact the Dean's Office.